Thursday, January 7, 2010

- The 5 Ws of Minifolk | Where -

Continuing the 5 Ws of Minifolk series, answering the question, where?

  • are Minifolk created?

  • can I purchase them?

  • do you see yourself in 10 years?

I do all of my slicing, rolling and gluing in my home. I don't really have a studio...I do have a TV tray or two. I claim a corner of a room and work until my back hurts. It's love, I say.

Minifolk figurines will be available on Etsy. You can also see photos of figurines past and present on Flickr.

In ten years I see myself...being 33, hehe. I laugh, but it also freaks me the heck out. I hope I'm able to find a place for my art, for such is Minifolk to me. One thing that is pressing on me the more involved I get in the indie craft movement is how much representation of it is lacking in my area. Crafting is embraced, we have our share of craft stores and knitting groups. But younger crafters/artists/designers whose work isn't 'traditional' leave the area for the cities. I'd love to give the people of CT a place to check out those cool works.

Tomorrow, find out about the 'Why' of Minifolk.

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