Friday, December 2, 2016

-New in Town- The Player

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I've been working for the last few months of a few new minis. I completed a graduate and a tiny Stacey Rebecca. This is the latest:
The basketball player (as yet unnamed). Did I intention for him to kinda look like a UConn player? No, but when you live in CT your entire life the teams are a part of life. He's been a WIP for months (MONTHS) and I finally finished him last night. Lots of details and figuring went on with this (honestly, that happens on every one.) I had to make the basketball twice because the first one rolled off my table at some point and I haven't seen it since. His shoes were a feat (eh, eh) of engineering. Figuring out his arms nearly broke my brain. However, like always, when all the pieces at last came together...I smiled and danced in my chair.

Edit- 2/3/17 His name is Anthony.