Wednesday, January 6, 2010

- The 5 Ws of Minifolk | When -

desk.shot- 7/7

  • Did the idea start?

  • Did you start crafting?

  • Can I buy a bunch of them?

The idea started in the summer of 2009. I was making a video for a Etsy contest. (Minifolk are famous, you know?) I needed people to put in that video. So I spent much of the weeks of the Tour de France slicing and rolling paper into people. The video was a hit. It placed 5th in the contest.

Etsy friend (and puppeteer extraordinaire) Staceyrebecca suggested that I offer them to the public. After much thought, product sourcing and trying to come up with perfect they are!

As to getting a bunch of them...check out the Minifolk Etsy shop now! I'm having a lot of fun creating these. I hope you enjoy watching the collection grow as well.

Check back tomorrow to find out the 'Where' of Minifolk.

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