Saturday, January 9, 2010

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The final installment of the 5 Ws of Minifolk series, Yes, this is a 6th question that actually starts with an 'h'. I like you so much, I'm giving you a bonus.


  • do you make Minifolk?

  • do I order custom figurines?

  • do I keep in touch with the happenings of you and the little, Minifolk?

  • did you stop watching Lost?

Without getting too specific, I will say that I design each doll and create them using a technique called quilling. I slice strips of acid-free paper and roll them while watching TV or listening to podcasts. I try to add a little detail or two to each one, to give them a sort of personality.

You can convo me through Etsy, send me an email, or tweet me. When considering ordering a custom Minifolk, please have the following information handy: gender, hair color, skin color and outfit idea. If you have a picture, that would be grand.

As far as keeping in touch, you can subscribe to this blog, there's a 'follow' box in the sidebar if you use Google Reader. Or you follow me on Twitter. You can also become a fan of Minifolk on Facebook. As the ideas become more of a reality, I will also be setting up an email newsletter. An announcement will be posted here, Facebook and on Twitter when the time comes.

My brothers and I stopped watching Lost after season 4...completely. cold. turkey. I'm kinda proud of this. If it ends well, I may go back and watch the seasons I skipped.

Thanks so much for reading through this series of posts. I hope you now have a better understanding of Minifolk and me, Rebecca.

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